Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Long tail the rat and basil brush!

This is Dave...
Dave is homeless!
He is my friend.

Dave lives in a warehouse which is completely falling to pieces. This warehouse is surrounded by luxury apartments...
He has lived in the warehouse for over 4 years, so this warehouse is HOME SWEET HOME! He is more than happy to have a nice long conversation with you, he tells you who has painted in there recently and about the animals that have come to visit him like long tail the rat and basil brush the fox. Dave has been offered the chance to live in a hostel a little while back but refused as he had tried it before. His reason being for refusal is the fact that the hostels he was being put in were full of smack addicts and alcoholics and he doesn't want to be surrounded by that he wants to live in peace.
He told us how he gets his food, we told him where he could get cheaper gas canisters for his portable stove.

Dave also told us the story of a guy called lee that lived in the warehouse with him, but now lee lives next door in a shed. He said was a young guy who has slowly been losing his mind since being homeless and the reason they don't see each other no more is due to the fact that lee has become increasingly violent and even fights with himself.

Dave doesn't beg for money, he isn't an alcoholic, doesn't steal or isn't an addict of any kind... Dave is purely a very nice man that has had a lot of bad luck!

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