Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The happy wanderer..

So I met this guy while riding down a west London canal... He likes to be known as "The happy wanderer."

As soon as I greeted him he was smiling away... that explains the first part of his name. He was more than happy to tell me his story, he liked to speak quite a lot actually. He told me all the canals he had walked all the places he has been the places he has slept. when I asked him if he was homeless his reply was " I live in this tent," the same tent which he has had for 16 years. He was actually sewing a new door onto it as we spoke, the 4th door so far.

When I took his photo he said " make sure to let everyone know you met the happy wanderer."
Not everything he said actually made sense, he told me a lot of things about aliens coming down for him so he wasn't staying under that bridge anymore because it wasn't safe.

He also told me how much he hates graffiti ruining all the canals, someone even tagged his tent he said.

If I hadn't told him I had to go he happily would have had a conversation with me all day. I might have to go back and hear a few more stories from him.

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