Tuesday, 13 May 2014

You need to check this shit out!!

All these photos below are by a London photographer by the name of Harry Conway.

If you haven't seen his work before which i doubt many of you have, then go check out his website and follow his tumbr page!

One of his ongoing projects is one that goes by the the name of 'stolen souls'. i haven't posted a preview of any of the pieces from this project as i feel its best to see them as a group. instead here is how he describes it; Stolen Souls
In the technological age most people in the first world own some kind of device, such as a smart phone which can quite easily capture a persons image, without that persons knowledge. This image can then be uploaded to social media and shared. I wanted to create a reaction to this underhand trend and inject some honesty into the interaction between photographer and subject. 

Shooting at night with a large flash, I approached normal members of the public and aggressively took their photograph.

Anyway here is the link make sure you check it out and then follow him on tumblr!


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