Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Nut Cuty Zine

So the guys over at Nut City released this zine a little while back now and I feel it hasn't had the exposure it deserves.

I am someone that loves paper publications of graffiti and the whole culture behind it, its more real!
When I received this zine in the post I was really happy with what I was looking at. To start with each cover is hand drawn and numbered. It is an A5 size zine with 32 pages of photos and sketches, it contains black & white photos and also colour.

The beauty of Nut City for me is the simplicity, they haven't tried to cram in too much it looks to me as if they have very carefully choose the very best of their work to publish. It feels as if its a sneak peak into the life they lead and it leaves you wanting to see what's next.

Lucky for those of you that have brought it, It looks as if they will be releasing another issue in the future so keep your eyes peeled and head over to http://nutcity.tumblr.com/

The zine is fresh out of Sheffield and was a collaboration between Elliot Holbrow, Joel Barton and Nazusk.

I recommend anyone who is into their black & white photography, graffiti and illustration to get this zine while it is still available. Any paper publication collector will regret not getting this copy while its there. This is definitely one to have in your collection...

Limited copies available so get your orders in now http://nutcity.bigcartel.com/

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