Thursday, 14 November 2013

VNA 23

So the good people over at VNA magazine were kind enough to send us over a copy of VNA issue 23 for us to review!

This review is pretty late I must admit but as they say better late than never... so here it is!

The first ever issue I picked up of VNA magazine was issue 9 back in 2009 which featured Meggs , Sickboy , Ron English and many others. Since then VNA has increased its size and also has a hell of a lot more content.  It seems to me that this magazine's focus is to showcase as much high quality work as possible for our viewing pleasure.

I say this because in my personal opinion I feel that the Uk's Graffiti magazine culture has gone way down hill, there is not enough magazines exporting what the UK has to offer. I feel that of the ones that are widely available it seems that a few of them are in it for pure profit and self promotion but that isn't the case for VNA.

Issue 23 features the likes of Hedof, Moose & Yeti, Aeon ,Vibes and many more...It is full of full colour productions, Insane characters, digital illustrations, back to back interviews, photos from various cities including London and San Diego.

The highlight of this issue for me has to be the vibes article, whether you love him or hate him you can not fail to recognise that the man has crazy skills. His pieces are always on point and this issue showcases what he has to offer well.
The only thing that is missing for me is the darker side of graffiti, We would love to see that in future issues.
If you are into your more arty side of graff, then make sure to get this issue while it is still available here  ...
Also check out the website for issue 24 as that is now available to buy too.

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